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Well lets take another shot at this news letter idea, this is #3 for those of us like me who need a memory prompter.

Before going any further I would like all to know that the contents of this rag are not copy righted or protected in anyway, you may copy all or part any time you want to. Further the Accuracy of parts of it may be massaged, stretched, embellished, in an effort to make it fun to read.

Again I would encourage everybody who has the time or desire, write down something that you believe all of us would enjoy reading, about our mutual interest, " Cars", & submit it. Whether the next news letter comes out in a month or a year it can go in a file & be entered into the next one.

If any member would like to totally take charge & run with the idea & develop a news letter, & be the self appointed Editor & Chief, Editorial, design, technical, staff etc. ?? please jump up wave your hand in the air & say uh ! uh ! me ! me ! over here I wana do it, I am sure that your dedicated tireless & uncompensated efforts would be greatly appreciated by all.

I noticed in the web site that there are some blank spots in the members rides section that say photo not available, I’m not sure why in each case & it really doesn’t matter, what matters is if you can help & submit a photo & help the Web Master fill in those blank spots it would be great to include everyone’s cars.

Your Club enjoyed a very busy, & fun 2011 Summer Cruzing season, These Kruzin season events are always done right because you the members really pitch in!! The folks in the community are still singing your, (the club members), praises, about the amazing group of events that you put on last year, thankyou!!! - As a matter of plain FACT, we are still getting phone calls & "E" mails from the vendors & residence all over the valley & Anchorage saying thank you for the great job everyone did presenting all of the events. You all need to take time to give yourselves a collective pat on the back for your great job, you made it possible for several charitable organizations to receive a total of several thousand dollars due to your efforts, you are what this Club is about & for, "JUST HAVIN FUN".

Memory lane looking back over the highlights of this season, ( please forgive I can’t type 100 pages so I can’t mention every one even though you deserve it).

Lets see I gotta focus & get back to this years events. The next one that comes to mind was the Eagle River Car Show for 3 days, you all pitched in & put a massive

display of your rides both inside & outside. Your club took 17 trophies for members rides,& your Club took the best Club trophy,for the 4th year in a row,good on all of you. For the 7th year in a row, Cruzin Magazine has shown your rides in the Eagle River show in a full color multi-page lay-out.This last year, ( 2011), Cruzin Magazine placed a three, (3), page color lay-out which show-cased rides exhibited by: Danny & Jill Connor,Claude (Frenchy), Mongeau, Karl Burns,(sr) & Karl Burns (jr), Joe Beauchamp, Betty Beauchamp, Suz Troutner, Keith Miles, Ed & Sherri Thomas, Justin Creech, Larry & Mo Tvellia,


The Wasilla high school shop class, lead by shop boss Ed Clawson put on a great show With Ed & his crew providing the burgers, dogs, music & trophies.

Sue The manager of Schucks in Wasilla, couldn’t believe how great a turn out you all gave her store with 100 + cars & bikes.

William the manager of Palmer Midas once again put on a great record breaking show-N-shine, " The Blue Suede Cruz" the burgers –n- dogs were cooked by William himself, who also was very generous with the door prizes. And we cannot forget those of our membership who put on an out standing show at the end by burning & destroying a bunch of tires, ( the black marks are still in the parking lot).

We all enjoyed the Show-N-Shine that Scott Inabbinette & his crew of Wasilla carquest put on. With us 49th state Street Rodders, & "To Broke To Play" 2b2p really made the day.

The colony Days Parade cruzing down the main drag of Palmer was a blast, that is if you like to show off your car to a crowd?? We cruzed with 30+ cars & Towed our BBQ as a Float, the crowd loved it.

The cruz to the North Star Speed Way that commemorates the 4th of July is an event that I think that folks from all over south central Alaska look forward to. The Track Staff treat us like royalty as we are their featured guests, this is a busy race day for them but they very graciously taylor their racing schedule around our Show-N-Shine, burn Out contest & trophy presentation. A boat load of folks joined in & participated in the burn-out contest they put on impressive smoky show each one of you should be proud of the way you destroyed some really good tires. Jarod Sieler with an ample application of bleach & accelerator pedal won this years burn-out trophy, Jarod also signed the traveling burn-out helmet & took it home for the year.

Jimmie & Donnette Weeks coordinated & did a great job running the Palmer Country Cuts Show-N-Shine for the owner & event supporter Stan, Stan has already ask that we return next year.

September 3rd was Eddys automotive Show-N-shine, it was in Seward giving all of us a chance to stretch our automotive legs for a long distance cruz. Eddy & Kelly really know how to do it right & made us all feel welcome.

It was once again so very gratifying to see all clubs from all over the state come together as patriots & join with us commemorating 9 / 11 / 2001 This is the 11th time we participated in the Freedom Flag Run. It was a Solom massive tribute to all the souls who lost their lives on that day, & to all of our heroes being but not limited to our troops, firefighters, & law enforcement personnel. The Show-N-

PAGE #3 Shine, the BBQ cooked by Sonny Jarmer,Peggy Butts, John Egan, & Missy. & so many of you who stepped up & handled the parking, registration, setting up & dismanteling tents & other equiptment. I gotta tell you, at the end of a busy show day, - - when I’m stumbling around on what is left of my feet & legs, it is great to hear, "Hey John can I help" !!!! THANK YOU EVERYBODY"!!! The burn out exhibition the 21 trophies, were all part of it. A very impressive sight & patriotic reminder was Assistant Fire Chief Jim Carnahan joined with us in full class "A" uniform, it was a reminder to all of us as to why we were there. The Freedom Flag Run has grown every year, & we look forward to its continued growth. This year we were honored to have 402+ Cars & Trucks Plus 257 MotorCycles cruzing with us every one of them flying the American flag. 11 miles of vehicles flying the American Flag rolling down the Palmer Wasilla Highway is a sight not soon forgotten.

This coming year "2012" will be the 12th time that we have participated in the Freedom Flag Run. Please every one help us start planning now to make this up & coming 12th Freedom Flag Run an unforgettable event, those we lost that day 9/11-01 cannot speak for them selves, let us, let our actions speak for them, We will never forget, "GOD BLESS AMERICA"!!

SIDE NOTE**** No matter how long I am honored to be associated with the gear-heads from all of the different facets of the motor-head community, I continue to be gratified & at times surprised at every bodies generosity, understanding, & unconditional willingness to help. - - - - - When we, begrudgingly faced the reality that the freedom flag run had grown so much that we were hard pressed to make room, (safley) for everybody at the NorthStar Speed Way,Two very amazing things took place.

#1- - - The Main Director, (owner), of North Star Speed Way, Lud Larson, Very graciously Acknowledged this, and said that he saw how crowded it was & that in his opinion we would be wise to try & locate a larger facility. Lud also has stated that He, the North star Speed Way welcome us, The 49th Street Rodders to hold our July burn out championship & show-n-shine as we have for years, Thusly our great relationship With North Star Speed Way continues in the true spirit of sportsmanship & cooperation thank you Lud & All of our friends at North Star speedway, we with a great deal of gratitude & anticipation look forward to many years to come of fun At the speed way.

#2 - - - We have been very generously welcomed & given the use of Alaska Race Way Park, ( The Palmer Drag Strip), by(owners),Earl & Karen Lacky their unconditional response was, " "what can We do to help". That being said this coming season 2012 the Freedom Flag run, will make its final destination The Alaska Race Way Park, ( Palmer Drag Strip),. Stay tuned we haven’t finalized our new route.

We are all looking forward to a great 2012, with some new events & our old favorites, please be part of the solution as we plan for next year; don’t forget to be counted. Folks You are what makes The 49th State Street Rodders what it is. Please help make it even better, stronger, more fun.


The gear head goes to the doctor, the doctor tells him he needs a brain transplant. The Doctor tells the gearhead that he can get him a really good condition Ford guys brain, installed & warranted for $10,000.00, And that as an option he can get him a Chevy guys brain installed & warranted for $100,000.00;

The confused gear head asks, doctor does that mean that the Chevy guys brain for $100,000.00 is a better brain? The doctor reassures the gear head, no its just that it has never been used.

Ok folks I’m out of breath & ready to say done for now, Again if anybody would be kind enough to write an article to contribute to the next addition when ever that is it would be welcome. If any one would like to take full charge & responsibility for producing the next edition that would be great, who knows we MIGHT??? Even get the board to put up the money for paper ink & postage????

Thank you for making 2011 a good time with lots of, "JUST HAVIN FUN"


There are burgers-dogs-ribs-trophys & club insurance to pay for 2012

"Kruzin is an, (incurable), state of mind"

Suz is still improving "THE CAVE" hope fully you can come out & see it first hand for your self sometime.

The schedule is real close to what will probably be in 2012, but the final, firm schedule will be finalized in 2012 at the 2012 board meeting on 01-15-2012 .

We would appreciate as many members as possible please attend & observe the board meeting.

Thankyou for your, Trust, Friendship, & Support, John T.


EDITOR - John Troutner